Mixi's Instant Cool Point Tally

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Mixi's Instant Cool Point Tally

Post by Mixail Darkheart on Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:43 am

Okay so the title is pretty self explanitory. Basically this is where I shall keep track of instant cool points.

Now some of you may be wondering what the hell are instant cool points?
Well basically they are my system of recognising people for their general coolness. So if you do something I see as rad, youget cool points varying on the degree of radness.

How can you get instant cool points?
By being what I see as rad generally. Seriously if you try too hard or generally fail you get instant fail points ie, points taken off.

Who can give instant cool points?
Me and only me seriously anyone who tries to give out instant cool points will be tied up, covered in glitter and thrown into a pit of twilighters.

Now onto the tally:

Rodney- 3750
Anime lord-650

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